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Episode 3: What's in a name?

SuAh and YuSung left everything in South Korea, packed their bags with some clothes, and arrived in New Delhi in December 2019, donned in a gat, a traditional Korean hat which gives Got Tea its name (and logo)! Let’s talk about that gat for a minute, actually – what’s the story behind that? A gat So back when YuSung and SuAh were still in Korea, and they were thinking about what they would call this bubble tea business. And they, along with Armaan, who they had been talking about collaborating with, decided they wanted a distinct Korean touch to things – after all, this new venture would be more than just bubble tea, it was also about spreading Korean culture in India.   Now at the same time that YuSung, SuAh and Armaan were figuring out things about this new venture, Netflix’s Korean show, Kingdom, was taking off and becoming big. This was Netflix’s first Korean series, and it was a huge hit. I don’t know if ya’ll have watched it (I haven’t – I can’t do horror), but apparently it is a

Episode 2: The idea

Where were we then? Ah yes, four friends from high school decided to come together to start a bubble tea place in Delhi. But, where did that idea come from? We go back to January 2019. YuSung was visiting India for the first time since he left Woodstock in May 2011. He just wanted to come back to India for a little vacation. While here, he met up with Armaan, and one day they went to Cyberhub in Gurgaon, to have lunch with some other classmates. While walking around, Yu Sung was astounded by how much Delhi and India had changed in just 8 years. Armaan was telling YuSung how much he missed having good bubble tea – he had become used to his regular bubble tea pick-me-up drink while he was living in the US, and returning to Delhi, he had found the options for bubble tea to be quite limited and mostly dissatisfying. He joked to YuSung that they should open a bubble tea store, and YuSung joked back that he would invest the money if Armaan was willing to take care of day-to-day operations. Y

Episode 1: The beginning

Hello and welcome to the Got Tea journal! My name is Tariqa, and I will be taking you with us on this journey to understand what Got Tea is, how it started, and what we envision it to be.  What is the journal? Well, we want to tell you the Got Tea story, right from the start - how did we get here? We want you to know all about us, the struggles and the successes, what we want to do with Got Tea, and how we hope to serve you - patrons and partners.  But we don’t only want to tell you our history - we also want to tell you our vision for our future, and how we want to keep engaging you in our journey. We want to tell you what our day-to-day looks like, and what running Got Tea entails. This journal is also a way to remind ourselves, the Got Tea team, of how much work we have put into this and to ensure that you all get the best from us.  So, who are we? Well, you know me by now – I am Tariqa. But I am only the writer of this journal. The main folks behind this endeavor are four guys I ha