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Episode 22: The investors

While we were all sipping on our Got Tea bubble teas as the summer scorched on, some exciting things have been happening at the company. In August, Got Tea got two investors on board! Jagrato Roy and Rishabh Bhasin were both our seniors from school – while Jagrato graduated from Woodstock in 2009, Rishabh graduated in 2010. So they have known the Got Tea founders for a long time (about 16 years!) But what convinced the two to actually invest their money in the company?  The tenacity of Got Tea Jag had been talking to YuSung and SuAh when Got Tea was just an idea that was brewing in their heads. When the two had visited India at the beginning of 2020, Jag had helped them out in many different ways – he set up a meeting with Ajai Thandi, another Woodstocker who had started Sleepy Owl coffee, helped them form connections in the city and gave them some ideas on setting up an F&B business in Delhi.  When he spoke to them next, it was March 2020, and they were moving along quickly. And t