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Episode 27: The most wonderful time of the year

December 2021 was a busy month for everyone at Got Tea. In the last episode, I told you all about our expanded menu, bubble tea drops and had two pop-up weekends at 32 nd Avenue in Gurgaon. But we did even more in December – can you believe it?  Partnership with Indonesian embassy Perhaps a little known fact is that many people who work in the Indonesian embassy in New Delhi are our loyal customers and have been so for a while now. So when the Indonesian embassy approached us to set up a pop-up stall for their Indonesian Mother’s Day celebration on 22 December, of course we agreed! Team Got Tea at the Indonesian embassy for Mother's Day celebrations Since so many people already knew about Got Tea and loved bubble tea, the drinks were gone in seconds. Folks also enjoyed our croffles, with the most popular flavour being peanut butter. The event was such a success that the embassy called us back for another celebration for New Year’s Eve, on 31 December. Due to the curfews imposed by