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Episode 20: Building a business

Starting a business isn’t always fun and games, and it is tough, especially in the food and beverage (F&B) industry. The Got Tea team has been working on this business for over a year now, but there is still so much to learn. Streamlining operations As the business gains more traction and love from its customers, they have had to deal with challenges arising in the operations. This is the core of the F&B industry, as Yu Sung says, and to be successful, it is essential that the team identifies problems as soon as they arise and adapt quickly and systematically, so that employees can follow along. To streamline operations, there is a need to keep updating the systems, to reflect the current reality. This also allows the team to determine what is more important at any given time, to the business, and how they can prioritize their needs for their success. For example, the reason why Got Tea also focuses on this blog is so that they can reflect on their week at the store, the issues

Episode 19: July Updates

Want to know what’s been happening at your favourite Delhi bubble tea store? Well, here’s what’s been happening at Got Tea and what’s in store for July! Got Tea open for dine-in! With relaxations in some rules by the state government, Got Tea has opened its cafĂ© for dine-in, but at a limited capacity, with only 16 people allowed at a time in the store. All staff have also been at least partially vaccinated, so that they can keep serving you. In addition, the store has undergone a little facelift over the lockdown, with some new shelving to display all the goodies on sale. So, what are you waiting for – drop by sometime and say hi! New menu items The Got Tea team has developed two new menu items, to be launched this coming week. The new bubble tea flavour is a coffee and coconut flavour, Koko Caphe, is a refreshing drink to beat the summer heat. It has been inspired by Vietnamese iced coffee, but with a Got Tea spin on it. For the snacks, the team has come up with a savoury version of t