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Episode 23: Got at Home

After months of planning and hard work, Team Got Tea finally released their Got at Home kits, giving boba fans all over India a chance to get a taste of some fresh bubble tea! The do-it-yourself bubble tea kit is the first of its kind in India, allowing customers across the country to brew their favourite bubble tea in the comforts of their home.  The kit comes with a reusable glass tumbler, reusable straws, measuring spoons, two flavour mixes, tapioca pearls, a preparation mat and an instruction manual – everything you need to craft the perfect glass of boba. Currently priced at a special pre-sale price of INR 2,200 per kit, each pack makes up to 16 glasses of bubble tea, 8 of each flavour. YuSung with the kits! A risky venture The Got at Home kits have been in the making for over six months now, and not only has the team put a lot of work into this project, but the founders and their investors have also put a lot of their investment into this.  So, is the risk even worth it? The foun