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Episode 18: Mawia – The Business Intern

Before Mawia joined the team working at Got Tea, he was a regular customer. He had heard about Got Tea last November, when they opened, through a family friend, and was addicted – he absolutely loved the bubble tea! So when the same family friend messaged him to tell him that the team was looking for an intern, he quickly got in touch with YuSung. He started working at Got Tea part-time in December 2020, and initially focused on the operational side of things. Back in December, the team was small, with only Jo, Armaan and Mercy available at the store, so they needed all hands-on deck to make and serve the drinks. And Mawia really enjoyed this side of the work! He loves interacting with the customers, helping them make their decisions on the flavours they should try (having tried them all many times himself) and just getting to know them a little more. After March 2021, however, YuSung felt that Mawia should expand his profile a little more, so that he can learn more things. As an Econo

Episode 17: Vyoma – The Customer Experience and Events Manager

When Vyoma was in Hong Kong for her undergraduate degree in Economics and Finance, she fell in love with the wonderful food scene in the city, and bubble tea was one of her favourites. So, coming back to Delhi after finishing her degree was disappointing – though the food scene is bustling in Delhi, there is no bubble tea! How was she to get her daily fix now?  In October 2020, Vyoma went with a friend to a Halloween party where she met Armaan. When he told her about his plans to set up a bubble tea store with his friends, she was super excited, and they spent a whole hour talking about bubble tea! She was so excited, she went home and tried to recreate some bubble tea with sabudana (sago), but it wasn’t the same. She started following Got Tea on social media, hoping to get some authentic bubble tea as soon as the store opened.  And when she did get some bubble tea from Got Tea, she felt like she was back in Hong Kong. So, when she saw Got Tea advertising for vacant positions they were

Episode 16: Mercy – The Store Manager

We’ve heard a lot about the Got Tea founding team and their journey, but what about the staff that help bring their vision to life? Today, let’s learn a little bit about Mercy, the Got Tea Store Manager.   Mercy was born and brought up in Nagaland, but moved to Delhi some years ago for college. She studied in Delhi University, and after finishing her degree, she decided to stay back in Delhi and work here. She started freelancing in 2017 at Moksha studio, based in Saket, and later worked with Amazon as a freelance stylist. Mercy was friends with Jo, and through him got to know Armaan, YuSung and SuAh as well, and learnt about their plans to start a bubble tea venture. When the team decided to finally kick start their business and launch a store, only Jo and Armaan were in Delhi, so Mercy agreed to help the two out. Her eye for design was useful for the team, and she was an essential part of determining the aesthetics of Got Tea. While setting up their storefronts, including the new caf

Episode 15: Got at Home

Now considering Got Tea started their business right as the COVID-19 pandemic began to unleash its wrath upon the world, they knew that they had to always stay innovative in providing customers with their products and an authentic bubble tea experience, regardless of the challenges. And early on itself, they had decided that a home brewing kit would be a perfect way to ensure customers were satisfied, no matter if the café was open or not. During the lockdowns, many different food and beverage establishments came out with their “at home” kits, promising the same food or drink experience from the comforts of your home, and even teaching you how to make the food and drink preparations by yourself. Got Tea’s “Got at Home” home brewing kit builds on this idea, to provide a unique bubble tea experience to consumers all over the country. However, there simply had not been any time to execute this idea earlier. Once their café was up and running, the daily running of the café, the eventual mo