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Episode 26: Expanding Got Tea

After celebrating the first anniversary of the Got Tea store, the team decided that now was the time to expand the breadth of offerings and try to capture a larger audience. But they didn’t want to just start something new from scratch – there are so many things that Got Tea is doing which have been successful with their existing customers, so the challenge was to figure out how these things can be built upon to get new people in.  Expanding the menu The first thing the team decided to do was to continue offering more hot drinks, especially as the temperatures in Delhi continue to plummet. So, two new flavours, Peachy Oolong,  a creamy mix of peach and oolong teas, and an aromatic Earl Grey have been launched. Both drinks can be ordered hot or cold, with or without bubbles.  Got Tea's latest bubble tea flavours - Peachy Oolong and Earl Grey - are available both hot and cold! The team also noted that their croffles are popular almost universally, so they wanted to expand their croff

Episode 25: Got Tea turns one!

On 18 November 2021, Got Tea celebrated their first anniversary. It has been quite an eventful first year, and the founders wanted to thank their customers and the staff for sticking through and supporting Got Tea. So, a weeklong celebration was held for all to come together over their shared love of Got Tea! Got Tea founders YuSung, Armaan and Jo For the customers The Got Tea team wanted to thank all their customers for supporting them and loving their drinks and snacks, and to do that, they brought back customer favourites from the past. A full week of different events of these past favourites was a walk down memory lane.  Got Tea brought back their famous GOT fried chicken for two days, since many customers had been asking for it. It came as no surprise that the fried chicken days were very popular and they sold out quite quickly.  The team also held a mini version of their Squid Game event (which was previously held in October and proved to be a huge hit). And to end the week of ce