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Episode 21: Building a stronger brand

While working on their business, perhaps one of the most important things for the Got Tea team has been building their brand. And they have been consciously working on this, to focus on the kind of brand they want to be, the image they want to build, the values they want to inculcate, and the way they will execute these values and vision.  At the core of it, Got Tea has been working on, as a team, to understand the core of the brand – its vision, mission and values. For the Got Tea founders, this is not a top-down process. Yes, they started with their own vision for the brand, but now it is much bigger than them. So, for them, it is about making focused discussions along with the whole Got Tea team, in a participatory approach to brand building.  To execute this core identity, the team has been working on building a visual identity, a language identity, and on their products and services. And different members of the team have been working on these different aspects.  The final aspect