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Episode 24: Yesua – The Brand Manager

  For the Got Tea founders, building a visual identity for the brand has been an important aspect, right from the beginning. The founders realized the importance of aesthetics, especially for the current generation and their target audience, and knew that this was one area they had to focus on. So, they knew that they wanted someone strong with a good eye for visual aesthetics to take on this job and Yesua was the perfect choice.  When YuSung and SuAh had gone back to Korea during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, they had met up with a lot of people from the Woodstock community, including Yesua Jeon, who was a few years younger to us in school. It was a casual meeting, where YuSung and SuAh mentioned their plans of opening a bubble tea venture in India. They explained their vision to Yesua, who understood a lot of what they wanted to achieve, especially with regards to bringing Korean culture to India to the F&B industry in India, since he had spent 6 years in India.  So Yes